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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: May 30, 2007 1:25pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 'just' 3 rar-files in the movie-section

I proposed the following, none of which will be implemented:

1. Verified email addresses. You can regsiter here with if you want. Forcing the use of valid email addresses would eliminate the spambots and make an extra step for the jihadi's and pirates. Plus it would be a deterrant for those afraid to give a slight trackability to their actions.

2. Eliminate the realmedia files. I see no use for the format. It seems only the jihadi's use it.

3. Force the uploaders to pick a copyright, describe the item and name the author. The new upload feature here has those fields as mandatory but somehow the crap keeps coming so I imagine they are using an FTP program that bypasses the restrictions. Most sites won't let you upload something called: "asdfadg" with no author, copyright or description. Let alone the fact that it's a zipped version of XP under the music section.

I think these 3 things are not invasive, not too complicated, not too dificult to implement and perfectly reasonable but then again it's not my site. The Live Music Archive on here has a stringent format, section and content policy that seems to work great for them. I was explained that they are a seperate entity than the mods at archive and I understand the fact that there is not enough volunteer manpower here to rigorously comb through all the items, that is why I proposed a few coding implementations to the mods as an alternative.

I think doing what we and a few others are doing is the best we can do in this case. Hitting the error reporting button and letting mods know when things are illegal or misplaced is one way. Leaving reviews is another, less effective way, but as one of the mods here pointed out, it gets my frustration out and sends a message to the uploader that their garbage dumping is not appreciated. I review lots of stuff everyday and look for vague and misleading items, maybe if enough people complain something will be done about it. The squeaky wheel gets the oil...

Take care and watch out for jihadi pirated versions of spiderman 3!